Lake of Vico

At about seventy km from the Hamlet of the Mulberries the lake of Vico rises, it also has volcanic origin, it is famous for its biological integrity this is what makes it different from the other lakes. The fund is occupied by the ancient volcano called Cimino. Full of fishs and ideal for fishing its extends among the most solitary and woody shores, except at south and southeast where a tourist center (Point of the Lake) has been created. The ancient street Cimina costs it along. The lake is part of some area protected dcalled Natural reserves of Vico’s Lake, it extends for over 4 thousand hectares inside which some areas with elevated naturalist interest are specifically dedicated to tourists: the neighboring marshy area to the lake and a splendid wood composed by a depressed wood of beech in the Venus mountain. This natural reserve is part of the amplest system of the parks and reserves of the Region Lazio. It entertains a fauna of exception, further to its aquatic avifauna thanks to which the reserve represents one of the places where spend winter and standstill more important from the Lazio region. To protect the ecosystem of the lake in its whole compless and its waters purity, it is forbidden the use of crafts pushed by motor on the lake because they would pollute the clear and pure waters.

The legend wants that the lake of Vico has had origin from the cudgel that Ercole plunged in the ground to challenge the inhabitants of the place; nobody succeeded in removing it. When Ercole tried, a river of water filled the valley forming the lake.

Technical description: the lake rises up to 507 meters of altitude (the area measures 12 square kilometers); it has an artificial emissary that brings the waters to the Rio Vicano.

Closed countries: on the Cimini moutains are situated the centers of Caprarola, known for the building Farnese, Castel Sant'Elia and Nepi, middle Ages centers surrounded by boundaries; Sutri, characteristic country abandoned on a spur of tuff and close to the Lake of Bracciano; Ronciglione, etruscan country and Vetrella also from etruscan origin, famous for the fired bricks production

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